Looking Forward to 2021!


Dear Friends,

The year 2020 has been devastating for so many of us. Our business has ridden a roller coaster for months and months, never certain what the next week would bring. Would we be allowed to reopen? What restrictions would reopening demand of us? Would we even be able to operate under the new restrictions? The most difficult aspect of our roller coaster ride has been the Commonwealth’s lack of response to our endless pleas for dialog. We just never knew what to expect.

Despite the Commonwealth’s communication blackout of the wedding industry, we continued to fight everyday in every way possible to accommodate our wedding couples, to take care of our “I.H.” team, and to preserve the viability of Independence Harbor.

Anne and Connie have been amazing these past eight months. They have managed our sales office every day, answering the many calls and emails from our wedding couples. I’m sure you can appreciate that some of those calls and emails were difficult to hear and to read and to answer. Although some of our 2020 weddings were cancelled, the vast majority of our wedding couples opted to reschedule their weddings to 2021.

As the end of 2020 approaches, we look forward to 2021 with optimism and enthusiasm. With the imminent approval and distribution of vaccines, we look forward to a gradual easing of restrictions over the coming months, and a return to a much more normal life certainly by winter’s end. Our team is ready, willing and eager to get back to work. Matt, Ethan and Aaron have taken great care of the “Harbor’s” lawns and gardens over these past months. We all look so forward to a Spring 2021 renewal of our gardens…. and of our weddings!

Our chefs, Dale and Ed will be fine tuning our menus over the coming months, with added emphasis on our vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free offerings. We also hope to re-start our monthly Sunday Brunch program before long. No one will be happier than Ed and Dale when they can get back into the “I.H.” kitchen and create their amazing brunches.

We can’t wait until our doors are open again to all of you, and to our wonderful team of chefs, servers, bartenders, kitchen workers and groundskeepers, as well as our suppliers, sales reps and support system workers.We continue to stay on top of all things “pandemic related”. We will be ready to jump back into business as soon as we get the word!

In the meantime, Anne and Connie are available to assist you with your wedding planning. They are accepting “in person” appointments. And, as always, they are available by phone and email. Office hours are Monday through Friday 10AM to 3PM and on weekends from 10AM until 4PM. If you do wish to visit “I.H.”, appointments are required.

We wish you all good health and happier days ahead.


Brian R. Dunning

General Manager