Yes. The “Minimum Guarantee” does not require that you have that actual number of persons in attendance at your wedding. You are however, required to pay a “Cover Fee” for the number of persons less than the “Guaranteed Minimum”. For example, if you reserve a Sunday in June, the “Guaranteed Minimum” is 125. If your actual guest count in attendance is only 115, you will be charged for 115 persons at the price of the food and beverage choices you have selected for your reception, plus tax and administration fee. You will then be charged a “Cover Fee” for the difference between your actual attendance of 115 and the guarantee of 125. In this example, the “Minimum Guarantee” of 125, minus your actual attendance of 115, equals 10 “Cover Fees”. Our “Cover Fee” for 2020 is $37.00 (“A” and "B" Dates Pricing), $42.00 (“C” Date Pricing), and $52.50 (“D” Date Pricing). “Cover Fees” are subject to tax and administration fee..