The cost of an Independence Harbor wedding reception is determined by your menu selections. "I.H." offers two distinct "Package Menus" that are fully detailed on our "Menus and Pricing" pages:

The "Traditional" Wedding and Banquet Package Menu, and the "All Inclusive" Wedding Packages" Menu.

Both menus offer three (4) pricing schedules providing a price for every budget. Each pricing schedule is clearly defined by day of the week and month of the year on our "Menus and Pricing" pages.

The "Traditional" Wedding and Banquet Package Menu is offered for those who prefer an "a' la carte" approach to designing their wedding reception fare. Simply select the reception dinner of your choice. Then, whether to add Hors D'Oeuvres, Specialty Appetizer and Dessert Stations, Toasting or Dinner Wines etc is entirely up to you.  

The Independence Harbor  "All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu  offers exceptional values for those planning a Wedding Reception with all the frills. These are truly extraordinary packages at extraordinarily affordable prices. Full details are available on our "Menus and Pricing" pages.