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Who will officiate your wedding ceremony?

Brian Dunning - Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts permits the option for a friend or family member to obtain a one day license to officiate your wedding ceremony. What a wonderful opportunity to make your ceremony unique and so much more meaningful by having that very special person pronounce you "married"! 


For more information, visit: www.mass.gov and search for "One-Day Marriage Destination".





Bird Seed for the Birds?

Brian Dunning - Saturday, July 28, 2018

Have a fun and environmentally friendly wedding send off. Couples today are searching for a "greener solution" for their wedding send off. Gone are the days of confetti, bird seed and bubbles. Why not try: Ribbon wands in your color scheme; Glow sticks; Fiber Optic Wands: or Kazoos or Party Store Tambourines? We would love to hear your suggestions!

Wedding Photos "On the River"

Brian Dunning - Wednesday, June 27, 2018
A popular wedding photo site at Independence Harbor is along our split rail fence bordering the scenic Assonet River at Payne's Cove. The Harbor's manicured lawns and lush natural grasses of Payne's Cove frame the riverfront and lend a whole different dimension to the Harbor's many photo ops! This is a perfect time to schedule a tour and experience the beauty and uniqueness of "I.H."
Thanks to Gracie Withers Photography for this beautiful image.

Not Your Mother's Martini!

Brian Dunning - Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Independence Harbor's "All Inclusive" Wedding Menu Package includes stationary hors d'oeuvres offering a selection of our popular Martini Appetizer Bars. Our oversized martini glasses are artfully displayed and tables are beautifully decorated with fabric and fresh flower cuts and food art creations to match your color scheme. Choose from our "Mashed Potato Martini Bar", "Sweet Potato Martini Bar", "Macaroni and Cheese Martini Bar", "Nacho Martini Bar", and watch your guests delight in creating their own "Martini Appetizer" with all their favorite toppings. And don't hesitate to suggest a special "Martini Bar" unique to you! We have had "French Fry Bars" and "Taco Bars" and more! And, of course if you are also in the mood for a martini of the "non-food" variety, our skilled bartenders are happy to create your favorite liquid martini!     

Theme Wedding Cakes

Brian Dunning - Monday, June 25, 2018
Wedding cakes today are as unique as your imagination. If you can dream it, a talented cake master can create it. Truly works of art, cakes are no longer just a simple white frosted confection with a wedding couple topper, today's cakes are as diverse as you wish to make them. Square cakes, cakes with combinations of shapes and even topsy turvy cakes are possibilities. Multi flavored, fabulous colors, photos, "chalkboard" painted, and frostings that resemble textures such as marble or lace. Organic touches continue to be popular with fresh or artistic florals incorporated to match your color scheme.

Themed wedding cakes: More choices than ever. Themed wedding cakes are a great way to tout your wedding style and WOW your guests. Travel, sports, gardens (one of our favorite themes), movies (Star Wars continues in popularity), vintage and gothic help to tell your story. Are you a Disney aficionado? If so, why not introduce your favorites such as "Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella or Mickey and Minnie? Or, try something a little different such as wedding cakes made from cookies, donuts or cupcake towers offering multiple flavors...or a Fall favorite...pies.

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June Weddings at Independence Harbor

Brian Dunning - Monday, June 25, 2018
Spring and Summer bring an amazing array of colors and structure to the "I.H." gardens. June is an exciting burst of beauty, from the gorgeous peonies in whites and reds and all shades of pinks, to orange poppies and purple and white and lavender iris. The cheerful shasta daisies and bright yellow stella d'oro lillies are complimented by the more than 12,000 impatiens and begonias and coleus and petunias and cleome and so many more bedding plants that are added to the perennial gardens in mid May. If you are considering a spring or summer wedding, now is the time to schedule a tour.

The Bride's Bouquet

Brian Dunning - Monday, June 25, 2018
Meghan Markle, the new Dutchess of Sussex, carried a simple but gorgeous bouquet for her wedding. Incorporated were an all white arrangement of sweet pea, lily of the valley, astilbe, jasmine, and astrantia. Keeping with the tradition of all royal weddings, a sprig of myrtle was added for good luck. The all white scheme complimented the simplicity of her gown perfectly. Why not consider an all white bouquet for your wedding? There are a multitude of whites and creams to choose from at this time of year.

The Royal Wedding

Brian Dunning - Monday, June 25, 2018
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were married on Saturday, May 19th at Windsor Castle. Meghan's amazing dress (a well guarded secret) was jaw dropping. The dress was classic elegance, complimented by a sixteen foot veil that was a show stopper of hand embroidered silk featuring the 53 countries of the British Commonwealth, and topped with a tiara loaned by her majesty. Harry whispered "You look amazing!" after her walk down the aisle escorted by Prince Charles the Father of the Groom. For a wedding gift, the Queen bestowed the title of Duke and Dutchess of Sussex on the happy couple. Congratulations Meghan and Harry!

Speaking of Invitations...

Brian Dunning - Thursday, April 26, 2018

Here are some of the latest trends that we are seeing in invitations. Essentially, the style of your invitation sets the tone for your wedding.

Try dreamy Watercolor borders giving a fresh modern look, Landscapes offering hand drawn watercolor pics of your wedding location, Ombre offers a super modern different look with shades of your color palate and the always popular Monogram using a stylized combination of your names...or keep it simple and punch it up with gorgeous lined envelopes with a pattern that represents the two of you.

Invitation Language

Brian Dunning - Thursday, April 26, 2018

Having your ceremony at "I.H."? Your invitation should state the time that the ceremony begins. For example, if your wedding is a Saturday Night (6:30PM to Midnight), your invitation should read "Ceremony in the Gardens at 6:30PM at Independence Harbor". Just as at a church, your guests will arrive 15 or 20 minutes ahead of time, giving ample time to be seated, and for the Ceremony to begin on time. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.  

Wedding Invitations:
Pearl Vines Invitation