All Inclusive Wedding Package

Independence Harbor’s "All Inclusive" Wedding Package includes 
all the extra frills you have been asking for at significantly discounted pricing. 
All included in the "All Inclusive" Package Price 
A Truly Extraordinary value unmatched anywhere!

The "All Inclusive" Package Includes All of the Following:

Your Choice of One Appetizer Buffet for the Cocktail Hour

("All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu)

Cheese and Cracker Buffet with Fresh Fruit | Cheese and Cracker Buffet with Fresh Crudite’

The Macaroni & Cheese Martini Bar | The Mashed Potato Martini Bar

The Sweet Potato Martini Bar | The Nacho Martini Bar

Delightful “Interactive” Appetizer Offerings Served Buffet Style in the Main Dining Room,

Impressively Presented with Fruit and Vegetable Art Carvings and Fresh Floral Accents.

(Additional selections may be made from the Appetizer Buffets detailed in Independence Harbor’s "All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu)




Your Selection of Four Hors D’oeuvres Per Guest

("All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu - Page 5 ) 


To be Served Butler Style for Patio and Dining Room Service During the Cocktail Hour 

 Selections may be made from the Extensive Hors D ‘Oeuvres Offerings...

Detailed in Independence Harbor ‘s "All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu



The Deckside “Thirst Quencher Signature Bar” for the Cocktail Hour

(May through October)

Enjoy A Selection of Iced Tea, Raspberry Iced Tea, & Peach Iced Tea 
Fruit Flavored & Garnished Spring Waters 
Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, & Peach Lemonade 

Served Outside at Our "TQ" Patio Bar During Cocktail Hour (one beverage per guest)

Add “Your” Signature with a Signature Cocktail, A Sangria Station, or Your Favorite Beer and Wine

(additional charges will apply)




Your Selection of Champagne, Spumante, or Sparkling Cider Toast for All Guests



Your First “Full Service” Dinner Course Selection of Soup, Salad or Fresh Fruit Cup   

("All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu) 

(Selection to be chosen from the Full Service Dinner Accompaniments Detailed in Independence Harbor’s "All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu)




Artisan Rolls with Whipped Butter



Your Dinner Entree Selections Served With Seasonal Vegetables and Garlic Mashed Red Bliss Potatoes

("All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu )
("All Inclusive"   Wedding Packages Menu)

Entree selections to be chosen from the extensive offerings detailed in Independence Harbor‘s "All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu

A choice of two entree selections is gladly accepted at no additional fee

An Independence Harbor Dinner or Luncheon Buffet Menu, or Food Stations Menu may be substituted for full service dinners selections

(Wedding Packages Menu)



Your Selection of One Dessert Option:
("All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu)

"The Gourmet Cookie and Dessert Bar Buffet”, 

“The Ice Cream Sundae and Mousse Bar” 
"The Hot Chocolate Station"  

or select one 
“Full Service” Dessert Course 
("All Inclusive"  Wedding Packages Menu )

After Dinner Snack Stations are also Available (additional charges will apply) 
("All Inclusive" Wedding Packages Menu  )

Your Wedding Cake may be Sliced and Arranged with all Dessert Buffets




"All Inclusive" Package Pricing is Determined by Your Selection of 
Full Service or Buffet Menu or Food Stations Menu

Click here to download the 2021 "All Inclusive" Menu (PDF)

Independence Harbor... A 20 Acre Private Estate Reserved Exclusively for Your Wedding!


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